Frequently asked questions for Sports Therapy treatment

How do I book an appointment?

Please call 07941532547 to book an appointment. If you get through to voicemail please leave a message and we will contact you at the earliest opportunity.

What should I bring?

Please bring a list of any medications you are taking, along with x-ray or MRI reports you may have. If you feel more comfortable in shorts rather than your underwear please bring these too.

What should I wear?

Depending on the area of symptoms you may be asked to undress down to your underwear to allow a thorough examination to be carried out. We therefore recommend that you wear comfortable underwear or shorts and a vest top. Friends or family members are always welcome to sit in during the treatment. Adult supervision is required when children under the age of 16 are treated.

What happens during the examination?

Sports Therapy is a “hands on” treatment. The Sports Therapist will first assess your posture and ask you to perform a gentle series of movements to identify any areas of dysfunction. The therapist will then assess your muscles and joints to identify points of weakness or excessive strain throughout the body.  The assessment will be considered alongside lifestyle factors such as work and leisure to enable a full diagnosis and treatment plan to be developed.
Once the examination has been completed and any relevant clinical tests carried out, the Sports Therapist will explain their findings and, with your agreement, formulate a treatment plan.

What does treatment involve?

Sports Therapists use a combination of techniques such as soft tissue massage, joint articulation, stretching and electrotherapy. There are often many ways an area can be treated and if you are not happy with a particular technique please say so that it can be adjusted.

How many treatments will I need?

Sports Therapy is patient centered, which means treatment is geared to you as an individual. You will be given an indication of how many treatments will be needed during your first visit.
This can depend on the length of time you have had the problem, your age, current health, and stress levels. All of these factors can have a bearing on how fast your body will heal and in turn how many treatments you will need. The average number of osteopathic treatments patients have is 3-5.

Is Sports Therapy painful?

Every patient is unique and will react differently to treatment. Most patients report feeling very relaxed and relieved following the treatment. Occasionally you may feel a little sore afterwards. This is perfectly normal as the body adjusts to the changes and usually passes within 24 hours, leaving the improved function remaining. Your Sports Therapist will advise you on suitable aftercare.

Do I need a referral from my GP to see a Sports Therapist??

No. Most patients ‘self refer’ to a Sports Therapist for treatment. Although referral by a GP is not necessary, patients are encouraged to keep both their GP and Sports Therapist fully informed, so that their medical records are current and complete and the patient receives the best possible care from both healthcare practitioners.

Do you offer home visits?

Home visits may be arranged but may incur additional costs. Please contact for details.