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Danielle Peters

Body Health Clinic is currently owned and run by Graduate Sports Therapist Danielle Peters BSc. MSc. sta.  having taken over from Sam Hewitt in  March 2015. The flagship clinic is based next door to Crawley Martial Arts Centre in Manor Royal and has access to a large gym and facilities if required for rehabilitation programs making it perfect for those returning back to sports following injury. 

Danielle graduated from the University or Hertfordshire in Sports Therapy and followed that soon after with her masters in Sports Science Biomechanics at the University of Chester. She has had extensive experience with working in a variety of sports both elite and novice levels and is able to tailor her practise to suit the patient. She loves being involved and takes part in olympic weightlifting, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jujitsu competitively in her spare time.

Following a personal ACL rupture early in 2019 and realising the need for a new path, Danielle then completed her Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Qualification (March 2019)  with the hope of taking the next step of getting athletes/participants stronger and more ready for sports. This then minimizes injury risk and making them more proficient for their sports. She then completed her level 2 British Weightlifting Association coaching accreditation in May 2019 and set up Engage Weightlifting club in Crawley alongside 1:1 Strength and Conditioning teaching. She is always learning new skills and updating knowledge and her next step would be into more mobility work getting people to move more and sit less which seems to be a common cause for most issues as we enter sedentary and digital lifestyles. 

Prior to taking over Body Health Danielle has worked with and been involved with;

  • Lewes Ladies FC (head sports therapist)
  • Burgess Hill FC (head sports therapist)
  • Romsey FC (head sports therapist)
  • St. Helens RFLC
  • Cheshire Athletics (head sports therapist)
  • Stevenage FC
  • Saracens/ Old Albanians RF
  • Herfordshire Sports Injury Clinic
  • Wallaroos -Australian Female Rugby Team at the Womens World Cup
  • London Marathon
  • 100km trail walk events
  • Various running and triathlon clubs
  • Athletes Angels, event work
  • Martial Arts/Boxing competitions and training
  • Jacksonville Jaguars NFL
  • Evans Cycles Trail Runs
Crawley Sport Rehabilitation
Unit 2 Metana House
Priestley Way
Manor Royal
Crawley, West Sussex
RH10 9NT
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