Shoulder pain and injury treatment in Crawley


The shoulder is a very mobile joint which is supported by various ligaments and muscles that stabilize and move the joint. At the top of the shoulder there is a small joint named the acromio clavicular joint which is where the collar bone joints to the scapular to provide stability for the arms movement.

Due to the amount of movement the shoulder is capable of it is often prone to injury following a traumatic event or through repetitive use such as overhead work. There are various structures within the shoulder that can be injured. An example of a common injury in the shoulder is one of the rotator cuff which is made up of 4 muscles that support the arm and control its fine movements. Strains or tears within these muscles can cause pain and weakness within the shoulder and lead to a reduced range of motion. These muscles are also susceptible to tendonosis which is a degenerative breakdown of the tendon as it connects the muscle to bone. Another common cause of shoulder pain is impingement of a tendon of bursae due to altered mechanics, which can cause local inflammation and pain.

How we can help with shoulder pain

During your assessment with Crawley Osteopath a variety of tests will be used to identify the injured structure and also what has led to or contributed to the injury. A full postural assessment will be carried out as posture can have a dramatic effect on the shoulders mechanics. Depending on the angle and movement in your spine it can mean the shoulder is in a less mechanically efficient position to function and may cause an imbalance and excess load.

Following your diagnosis and treatment you will be given advice on home care to speed the recovery process and prevent any further injury.

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